About Us

A diverse group with spare parts at our roots
and the passion to seize every opportunity

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Doing Our Part

We're proud to support causes we care about


Our History

A story of many spare parts and one shed


Our Ethos

What matters most to get where we’re going

"Being a family business sets us apart. We move quickly, grow constantly and care deeply."
Mr Depper, Founder

In 1969, our business was founded by Michael Depper, a Birmingham-based appliance engineer. Mr Depper saw the chance to make some extra cash by selling spare parts to fellow engineers. This was the first of many seized opportunities.

Over the decades, we've evolved and expanded more and more as we've taken on new challenges. We're now very proud to have over 50 years' experience in business under our belts.

Entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do right by our customers has allowed us to grow into a thriving international business with decades of experience and passion to spare.

What we do


Help appliance owners

With online repairs advice and spare parts delivered to their doorsteps


Repair home appliances

Using our UK network of over 500 experienced engineers


Sell parts wholesale

To appliance engineers and independent trade businesses


Offer business services

By managing websites, orders and repairs for retailers and manufacturers




Million Products


Brand Relationships


Years' Experience

Who we work with

& Many more!

Whenever the door of opportunity opens, we firmly put our foot in

Mr Depper, Founder

Our corporate social responsibility

We believe it’s our duty to make a difference.

Our focus is clear when choosing which charities and communities to support. The causes that are important to our people are important to us too.

That’s because one person’s genuine passion can inspire every person to do their part.

First, there was one man, Michael Depper, who began selling home appliance spare parts out of his garden shed. He started our business with ten bob (about 50p) in his pocket, never dreaming we’d grow as big as we are today.

Now we have a warehouse stocking over 2 million different products as well as a head office close by. Between the two Birmingham-based sites, we’re over 600 people strong.

Every part mattered at the beginning and every part matters now. We’re still all about putting our foot in the door when opportunity knocks.

We’ve grown a lot over the years and we’ve always had passion to spare.

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Our Timeline

How we got here


Shedloads of ambition


Our story started with Michael Depper (an appliance engineer) who decided to sell some spare parts to his mates (also engineers).

Demand grew and pretty soon his garden shed was overflowing with tea chests full of washing machine doors and vacuum cleaner belts. It was high time to open a shop in Kings Heath, Birmingham and form a business.

Sure enough, in April, Electrue was born.


It takes two to tango


We had a little celebratory dance when we opened our second shop in Shirley, Solihull. It wasn’t a tango though. We were entrepreneurs, not dancers.


Too big for our roots


It was ’73 and our sales soared like the popularity of “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. We spread our wings and moved to a larger shop in Kings Heath.


Topping up our van


Road trip! We crammed our van full of parts and started selling them to other shops and engineers further afield.


Quids in


Our van fleet grew and Mark’s younger brother Martin helped with deliveries. The happy customers often gave him a pat on the head or a couple of quid for his efforts. He preferred the money.


A man’s warehouse is his castle


We badly needed space to store our fast-growing collection of parts. A warehouse in Castle Vale, Birmingham was our knight in shining armour. It was bigger than 93 decent sized garden sheds (10,000 sq ft to be exact).


All good things must end


We sold our shops to focus on more important matters like expanding our van empire and how to achieve the perfect 80s perm.


Delivering the goods


Orders had a habit of being placed last minute. We weren't fazed. We introduced Next Day Delivery.


Forming a pattern


We created a business to sell pattern parts (the ones that do the job but aren’t made by the original appliance manufacturers). It was named Medco after Michael Edward Depper.


On the double


We moved again to a warehouse double the size on Great Barr Street. To use our highly technical measurement system, it was roughly 196 garden sheds (aka 21,000 sq ft).


The icing on the cake


We celebrated our 21st year in business. Hoover baked us a cake that looked like our building. Luckily the cake version didn’t have any spare parts inside.


A wise investment


A couple of record years meant we had money to invest. We could have stockpiled Tamagotchis, cassette tapes or other 90s memorabilia. We bought better computers for £250,000 instead.


Bigger fish to fry


We started asking large manufacturers if we could be the exclusive sellers of their parts across the UK. Tefal and Rowenta took us up on our offer. You might have heard of them. They sell small appliances and rather good frying pans.


Making it official


Our success with manufacturers wasn’t a flash in the pan. British business Haden followed Tefal’s lead in giving us an official UK contract to sell their parts.


Best of British


We were assessed by the British Standards Institution and our very high standards meant we were awarded a certification for our quality: BS EN ISO 9002. We've held BSI certifications ever since.


What’s in a name?


We bought a company called HRS Electronics. Now that we had a few different names we needed to connect all our brands. Our new name was as easy as that: Connect Distribution Services Ltd (CDSL for short).


Shameless name-dropping


Holding stock for a company called Supercare Solutions meant we started officially stocking parts for more big names like Toshiba, Stoves and Hitachi.


We released a CD


Our CD, Connections, was a big hit. Our customers could now get instant access to our entire catalogue of parts and place their orders electronically.


Showing our true colours


We released the very first colour version of our retail catalogue. We also added exploded diagrams of appliances to Connections using some game-changing software we created called Mediator. Customers rejoiced as they could find the parts they needed more easily than ever before.


Expand and contract


Vax liked our spacious warehouse so they gave us a contract to store all their parts and sell them across the UK.


We like to move it, move it


We outgrew our old warehouse yet again. Our new one in Bordesley Green, Birmingham was 1542 garden sheds/165,000 sq ft in size. Highlights included a newly fitted automated track and a quirky metal floor. (It used to be a biscuit factory.)


We go global


Kenwood liked what we were doing too. In fact, they liked it so much they selected us as the only company allowed to sell parts for their appliances worldwide.


New millennium, new opportunities


We celebrated the turn of the millennium by buying Willow Vale Electronics and pulling an all-nighter to get their computers talking to ours.

We also started officially selling Bissell parts across our fine island and took on the running of Sharp and JVC’s call centre.


Brand new brands


Never ones to pass up an opportunity, we bought two new appliance brands, Wellco and Avix, which were best known for selling electrical accessories.


The internet had caught on


We embraced the digital age, moved Connections online and set up a website for Currys where people could book repairs for their appliances via the World Wide Web.


Fixed price, fixed appliance


Hang on, we thought. If we’re offering repairs for Curry’s, we can offer them to anyone who'd like their appliance fixed.

So that’s exactly what we did. We set up our network of engineers, our fixed price repairs website "Repaircare" was born and we won repairs contracts for LG, Delonghi, Elba and Kenwood too.


Time is money


A new computer system meant we could go into menus without having to wait five minutes for options to load. With the time we would have spent cursing the old system we started officially selling parts across the UK for Delonghi and Samsung instead.


Time to part ways


Things got crowded and everyone kept tripping over parts on their way out of work. We could have sold fewer parts. Instead, all of our office staff moved to a new building, "Connect House".


eSpares-cially good news


Engineers who needed parts could come to us. But what about average Joes who weren’t professionals but still wanted to have a go at repairing their appliances?

We bought London based business eSpares to sell parts online to just these types of people (only some of whom were called Joe).


Bonjour & Guten Tag


We’ve come over all international because this is the year we launched websites to sell parts online in France and Germany.


Picking up speed


To help our warehouse pickers send out orders accurately and quickly we gave them headsets that play handy picking instructions.


Onto a winner


Our French and German sites for consumers to buy parts were ticking along nicely so we launched similar websites for the Spanish and Italian markets. Bene!


Box smart


We introduced a clever machine into our warehouse that builds boxes to perfectly fit the contents. It works using lasers. We’re in the future.


We’d like to thank...


eSpares was named Online Retailer of the Year at the Retail Systems Awards. Connect Distribution was awarded Retail Business of the Year at the Birmingham Post Awards. We decided to invest in a trophy cabinet.


Going for gold


We reached our golden half-century anniversary and celebrated being 50 along with J-Lo, Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston.

Disclaimer: J-Lo, Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston were not actually present at our anniversary celebrations. However Hoover were and they baked us another cake.


Pardon Our French


We added French distribution company EPS to our group of brands and bought a new French warehouse too. The result? Our customers in France and all over Europe could benefit from 'livraison rapide'. (That's fast delivery for us Brits.)


We're not on mute


Despite the huge challenges of 2020, we managed to come out stronger. We rebranded our eSpares European websites and pushed our message of fixing not replacing into the wider media.

The Mission

Every part matters

In the beginning, spare parts were at our core. Now, we have evolved but our ethos remains the same. Every single part of our business is vitally important.

Without every one of our products, processes and people playing their part, we wouldn’t have grown into the business we are today.

By continuing to work together to seize opportunities we’ll all be part of an exciting future.

The Vision

Every part working together lets us seize every opportunity

Our founder Michael Depper (or Mr D as he is affectionately known) had a simple approach to business. When the door of opportunity opened he put his foot in.

Our refusal to let opportunities pass us by has seen our business grow dramatically and our plans for the future are even bigger. To get there we have to keep taking chances and be different.

As Mr D would say, two companies doing the same thing are too many already.